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Top Two Reasons You Should Consider Economic Exposure-Based Performance Analysis

By Richard Mailhos, Product Manager, Eagle Investment Systems

What is the exposure of your investment portfolio? Is it the daily priced market value of each position in your portfolio? Or is it the total economic exposure of all positions? Economic exposure is the notional market value of all positions, providing a more accurate picture of leverage in a portfolio. Notional values are often ignored or simply not supported by most custodians and accounting systems. At Eagle, we produce notional values through our enrichment engine as a value-add to accounting processes. Here we list some key reasons you may be missing the full picture if you aren’t looking at notional market value:

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Real-Time Tax Accounting in Portfolio Management

Steve O’Loughlin, Product Manager, Investment Accounting

In an ideal world having up-to-date tax information for a portfolio, whether it a mutual fund or a taxable retail brokerage account, is desirable for tax planning decision making and planning purposes. However, embedding tax accounting in high volume real-time processing is a daunting challenge. Adding to the challenge, aggregating and storing all tax data in a real-time environment is simply not viable or practical. Therefore, making intelligent decisions about which types of tax data are available for real-time processing is critical and should be evaluated based upon the needs of individual clients.

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