Monthly Archives: January 2014

User Adoption = Business Value

Jeremy Skaling, Managing Director, Head of Product Management

As a software provider, Eagle understands the correlation between business value and user adoption. The software procurement process can go smoothly, but if the users don’t adopt it, the business cannot realize the full value from its investment. The good news is that user adoption is not a random variable in the equation, but an outcome designed, in large part, by User Experience (UX) best practices that are backed by cognitive science. Read More…

The Art of Successful Software Implementation

Rob Erman, Head of Global Professional Services

As we enter 2014 and reflect on 2013, I am extremely proud of Eagle’s accomplishments and industry award recognition. None of this could have happened without the support and collaboration of an outstanding group of clients and partners. In a year where we worked with over 100 clients who wanted to implement or extend their use of technology, it is clear that the industry is changing. Clients are no longer looking to simply install new software. They are looking for advice, guidance and best practices associated with growing their business and managing the regulatory environment. Read More…

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