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2014: In Review

John Lehner, President and CEO Eagle Investment Systems

indexHockey great Wayne Gretzky was once quoted as saying, “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” If there was a budding trend that we saw in 2014, it’s that investment firms are increasingly taking the “Wayne Gretzky” approach to their technology. They see where the world is going; understand that their legacy systems will be hard-pressed to keep up; and they’re seeking out an answer, not for next year, but rather a solution that can grow and evolve in lockstep with their business and the industry over time. Effectively, they want to play where the puck will be ten years out and longer, which, for many, has led them to the agility and scalability offered through Eagle’s data-centric model.

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Outsourcing but staying in control

Mal Cullen, Head of the Americas and Eagle ACCESS℠

Many asset managers and asset owners are standing at a crossroads as far as their technology is concerned. Legacy systems are creaking under the strain of being asked to perform functions they were never designed to execute and can’t handle the sheer volume of data they’re being asked to process.  At the same time, it’s widely accepted that the worst ravages of the financial crisis are past and firms are looking at how they can best position themselves for future growth.  With pressures on fees from clients on the one hand and increased compliance and regulatory hurdles on the other, the focus for this future growth is firmly on achieving operational efficiency.

As a result, firms that are looking at making significant investments in upgrading their technology, are doing so with long-term solutions in mind and with efficiency at the heart of their decision-making.  As a result, the inevitable question that presents itself is whether or not to outsource. This was a topic I addressed in a panel discussion at the TSAM Boston conference in November.

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