Monthly Archives: January 2015

Performance Book of Record (PBOR): A new approach to measuring performance, exposure and risk

Rich Mailhos, Product Manager, Eagle Investment Systems

pbor_coverMost investment managers have a range of spreadsheets or desktop applications that may ‘tactically’ calculate performance and carry out risk analysis for specific asset classes. While there will always be a place for these discrete quantitative tools, increasingly firms are looking for an enhanced, comprehensive view of performance that accurately captures the investment activity across the entire enterprise. This trend, which is being driven by growing internal needs of global asset managers, more exhaustive regulatory requirements, new client demands and the ongoing drive for a competitive advantage, will only pick up more steam in 2015 and beyond.

To help clients address these demands, we released a new white paper that outlines how a data-centric approach can enable firms to achieve a ‘true’ total view of performance results and exposures, as well as other enriched information, across all business lines and asset classes to effectively create a Performance Book of Record or PBOR.

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