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Live from Engage: An Invitation to Engage with your data

Paul McInnis Director of Product Strategy, Data Management, Eagle Investment Systems

This morning at Engage 2015, I invited the audience to engage with Eagle and engage with their data. Data management has always been at the heart of Eagle’s offerings and we are committed to continuing to innovate and pioneer our solution so that our clients can truly engage with their data and find ways to unlock its transformative potential.

We kicked off the session with a viewing of this video, which outlines the power of Eagle’s data management solution and our vision of the data management continuum and just how far that can extend for our clients.

Live from Engage 2015: Investment Management in 2025

By Judy Wadness

We aren’t even through the first day of Engage 2015 and some key themes have already started to emerge. This morning, author and Singularity University founder Salim Ismail provided a thorough and compelling primer on Moore’s Law and the ways in which the exponential growth of computer-processing power is driving disruptive innovation across the business landscape. This afternoon, I moderated the panel “Investment Management in 2025,” which focused more specifically on the ways in which technology will re-shape the financial services industry over the next ten years.

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Engage 2015 Coverage: Quest for IBOR Leads to Scottsdale!

In February, the world was introduced to Commodore IBOR – the enterprising adventurer in search of the “Golden” Investment Book of Record. Hopefully he made it to Scottsdale this week, because our afternoon session at Engage 2015 covered not only the key drivers for establishing an IBOR, but also how an IBOR can be leveraged to extend beyond its original deliverables – ie, the ROI that adds that golden shine to investment firms’ IBOR projects.

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Live from Engage 2015: Sharing the Ideas that are Shaping the Future

Mal Cullen, Chief Executive Officer, Eagle Investment Systems

Our client conference, Engage 2015, kicked off today in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s always a special and exciting time for us – over 500 of our clients from all over the world have come together to discuss the business challenges they’re facing, share best practices and learn how our solutions can help them keep pace with the evolving markets and regulatory landscape.

This video that I shared at this morning’s General Session highlights some of Eagle’s more recent milestones and provides a glimpse of where we think our momentum can take us.  A key theme of the video, and Eagle’s success in general, is that through collaborating with our clients we can reach new heights together.  This drives everything we do at Eagle and captures why we are here at Engage for the next three days.

Spotlight on Engage – Enter PBOR

Rich Mailhos, Product Manager, Eagle Investment Systems

Investment firms should be well versed in the value afforded through a data-centric investment book of record. An IBOR, most well know, centralizes and automates a firm’s investment data to allow for one consolidated view into both start-of-day and intra-day investment positions. It differs from an ABOR, or accounting book of record, in that it’s less focused on the historical data needed for end-of-day bookkeeping and designed for real-time needs, such as collateral and cash management, exposure reporting and compliance. Where an IBOR can sometimes fall short, however, is when the front office tries to stretch its functionality to provide performance and attribution data or perform comprehensive risk analysis.

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Spotlight on Engage – Locking in on IBOR’s Moving Target

Paul McInnis, Director of Product Strategy, Data Management, Eagle Investment Systems

The concept of an Investment Book of Record, or an IBOR, has been around for years, as Eagle has been offering IBOR solutions as part of our Data Management platform for over a decade now. More recently, however, we have witnessed a renewed buzz around the concept, which has created some unwanted side effects. While this added attention has motivated investment firms to explore how an IBOR might apply to their business, the very definition of what an IBOR is has become convoluted. Ironically, this industry buzz has led to more confusion and less understanding around the acute business needs that demand an IBOR solution.
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