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TSAM Recap: Managed Services Becoming Key Piece in Data Quality Puzzle

Jeremy Skaling, ‎Managing Director, Head of Product Management

meetingData quality was in focus at TSAM New York in June. In a panel on the topic—as part of a discussion that ranged from data lineage to data domains—I had the chance to highlight the continued focus within investment managers to employ data management best practices. These best practices include a comprehensive data governance program that aligns business owners with technology solutions and service providers.  By deploying best practices, firms find that data management can be as much about ensuring data quality as it is about finding new efficiencies. As a result, we are increasingly seeing that investment firms are considering new ways to integrate managed services into a more comprehensive data governance strategy.

As I underscored at TSAM, much of this has to do with the need for flexibility and agility, which are critical in today’s complex data environment, particularly in an industry as dynamic as financial services. Investment firms must have the right processes and disciplines in place to truly manage and govern their data.

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