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Meet… Darcie James-Maxwell

darciEagle Investment Systems’ Head of Relationship Management – Canada, who oversees the Global Client Experience Team, discusses the key initiatives that have been in focus following Eagle’s most recent client survey

Q. It’s been a year since Eagle conducted a survey of global clients. Could you discuss some of the findings that came out of it?
A. Initially, when we reached out to our client base we were hoping to gain a more thorough understanding of how they felt about the experience of being an Eagle client. The survey provided great feedback, as we were able to get a better sense of the value clients get out of their Eagle solution as well as what really works as part of our service model. We also came away with a better understanding around their different needs, particularly from newer clients when it comes to the transition from implementation to production. One key takeaway was that we could help clients better navigate our solution at the beginning of the relationship.

It’s been roughly a year now since the survey, and since then, we’ve created a team entirely dedicated to the client experience. As part of this initiative, we identified a few areas of focus in particular, including knowledge management and client interaction. Within these areas, we have launched several projects, all with the goal of continually enhancing the client experience.

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Accounting for the Front Office: It’s Not Just the Ingredients that Make the Dish

Todd Snodgrass, Head of Global Support

toddMost city dwellers in the United States, if they’re up early enough, will notice the ubiquity of the food-service trucks. These refrigerated 18-wheelers, typically operated by one company,  will work their way throughout the neighborhood early each morning delivering food and ingredients to nearly every restaurant along the way— from the five- and four-star establishments all the way down to the fast-food and quick-service chains. Though they are all working with similar ingredients from the same source, each restaurant will prepare distinctly different dishes.

In a lot of ways, this is not all that different from how financial services firms and investment managers use accounting data. Generally, it all comes from the same source, but what the firm does with the data once it is in their hands determines not only how they can use it but also whether this data offers a competitive advantage. Just as the kitchen in a restaurant determines whether basic ingredients will become fast food or fine dining, an investment accounting solution and the minds that operate it determine what will come of accounting data.

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Empowering the Performance Team

Jeff Cullen, Principal Consultant and Vice President

Historically, performance measurement has been a discipline largely relegated to a supporting role within organizations both large and small, and performance teams have been responsible for what was primarily reactive and backward-looking analysis. Today, investment firms are, more than ever, looking to explore the possibilities of predictive and prescriptive analytics in helping to manage risk and improve performance. This requires an understanding of the consistency and quality of data across the firm, how to apply that data, and a skill in high-level analysis that spans across departments. It is no surprise that smart management teams have noticed that their performance teams are the nexus of exactly the type of data aggregation and skills best suited to unlocking this potential. At a recent discussion I took part in at TSAM Boston, one panelist noted: “Anything with a number attached to it is going to find its way to the performance team.”

That panel discussion, “Creating a Holistic Performance Measurement System”, focused on the nuances of these burgeoning capabilities. Joining me on the panel were performance executives from Aberdeen Asset Management and Acadian, while Bob Leaper, President of, served as moderator. Sitting with these delegates was a great opportunity to gain insight from talented professionals in the discipline to which I have dedicated my career at Eagle.

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