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Self-Service Reporting: Changing Consumption Patterns in Business Intelligence

Harry Rose, Managing Director

According to a new report released by Gartner’, revenue in the business intelligence (BI) and analytics market is expected to exceed $16.5 billion this year, representing growth of more than 5% compared to last year, as self-service analytics continues its march to replace IT-led reporting processes. The report cites that growing “accessibility, agility and deeper analytical insight” continue to drive adoption, which is only reinforced as organizations recognize the value and efficiencies of empowering business users to take a more hands-on approach to data and analysis. At the same time, expectations are changing among business users when it comes to their ability to access and consume information.

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Introducing…The Office of the Client

In this new video, Eagle’s Chief Client Officer, Diane McLoughlin discusses how the ongoing dialogue Eagle has with its clients has evolved from discussions around product features and functions to focusing on the specific business issues clients are facing and how that led Eagle to create the Office of the Client.

Data Enrichment: The Key to Understanding True Economic Exposure

The use cases for data enrichment continue to multiply as asset managers and their clients look to get a truer view and greater understanding of their positions. Patti Coan explores the data enrichment tools at their disposal and how they are best leveraged.

Patti Coan, Product Manager – Portfolio Data

It is probably fair to say that asset managers are looking to do more with their accounting data than ever before. The interest in the Investment Book of Record (IBOR) in recent years is testament to that as firms recognize the advantages that come with more immediate and comprehensive access to investment data. As such, demands around data enrichment are growing as global institutions seek to leverage their data in new ways, all in the name of gaining a clearer picture of their positions and exposures.

Many of the conversations we have with our clients and prospects revolve around how they can deliver greater insight to the front office and conduct deeper, more forward-looking portfolio and performance analysis without compromising core accounting data. This is particularly the case for portfolios with derivative securities such as futures, options and swaps. Demand for enriched data is being driven by both internal and client needs as well as the mounting squeeze from regulators, who are scrutinizing data more closely than ever before.

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Meet… Electra Govoni

electraEagle Investment Systems’ Strategic Project Manager, Electra Govoni, discusses her role as part of Eagle’s Diversity Council and the Women’s Initiative Network as well as how these efforts feed into Eagle’s innovative culture.

Q: You’ve been with Eagle for a decade now and serve as the chair of Eagle’s Diversity Council and the Women’s Initiative Network. Over that time, how have you seen the organization evolve as it relates to diversity?

A: It’s interesting because we’ve really matured as an organization overall, having grown from a tech startup when the company was founded to now representing a key part of BNY Mellon Technology Solutions. There are things that you really love that come with being part of a startup, particularly the innovation and creativity that define the culture. At the same time, the stability that comes with consistent and steady growth allows you to do a lot of different things as an organization that you couldn’t do otherwise. Still, there are challenges that every company faces as they mature. For instance, to maintain a truly innovative culture, you have to build an infrastructure to support that environment as you grow. Similarly, you have to implement processes that allow you to maintain the creativity that helped fuel your growth in the first place. The diversity program here at Eagle is a critical component in keeping that creative culture in place. It helps ensure that we’re bringing together people with different backgrounds and perspectives, all aligned towards helping our clients’ solve their business needs.

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The Eagle Advantage

In 2016, Eagle and BNY Mellon are aligning to make tremendous investments in technology in order to provide clients with a larger, unified ecosystem of solutions. In this video, Eagle’s CEO Mal Cullen discusses the dynamic relationship between Eagle and BNY Mellon as well as the current and future advantages the alignment provides to clients.

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