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Eagle’s Cloud Native Journey

Helping clients achieve operational efficiencies and respond to new business challenges by delivering product features faster using cloud technologies 

Mike Fitzgerald, Head of Information Technology and Operational Services

In a recent Gartner survey of CEOs and senior business executives, roughly half of those polled highlighted that as a result of the digital transformation confronting their businesses today, their industries could be unrecognizable within the next five years. The overwhelming majority of those polled viewed the coming digital disruption as a positive force—one that would spark innovation in a way that will improve the client experience and support margin growth. This is a topic that is front and center at Eagle, particularly as we assess not only how technology can change the investing landscape, but also our role in helping firms efficiently manage assets, support business growth and enable shifts in business strategy.

It should be noted that this eye towards building the FinTech company of the future will be on full display this November when Eagle and BNY Mellon will host the Engage 2016 conference in Orlando, Florida. Over three days we are excited to be joined by clients, third-party vendors and fellow industry thought leaders to discuss our thoughts on cloud native applications among other topics that are set to define the future of financial services.

As part of our evolving vision, we at Eagle see a future in which organizations can experiment with new business models, leveraging data and analytics to identify the patterns that work and quickly abandon those that do not. Software will be delivered quickly, consistently and reliably at scale, while automation—through eliminating rote tasks—will intensify the performance of individuals and teams. The end result will be a high-trust culture, enabled by a conviction borne of real-time, high-quality data, instantaneous insights and thorough, transparent testing that sheds light on analytics and code coverage. We believe this seemingly fantastic future is actually achievable through the adoption of cloud native applications, which will offer the performance, system scalability and resiliency that will be required from next-generation platforms in the years ahead.

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