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#PressforProgress Spotlight: Automation and Transformation

How Maureen Buotte’s work became the foundation of Eagle’s hosted cloud solution and an example for women engineers across the company

Mike Fitzgerald, Chief Information Officer

Over the past few years, issues of diversity in business and technology have taken center stage. Whether it is the #PressforProgress in gender parity that was the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day or the rise of nonprofit groups like Girls Who Code designed to encourage young women’s interest in typically male-dominated STEM industries, there are more efforts than ever before working to increase women’s rights, responsibilities, and roles in the workforce and beyond. Consequently, these efforts are paying off. Study after study has shown that gender-diverse companies are more profitable and deliver better results.

One of Eagle’s longest-serving engineers, Maureen Buotte, understands these challenges. When she started her career two decades ago at ITS Associates (which would later become Eagle ACCESSSM), she was the only female engineer. As one of the only women in her engineering school, she was accustomed to feeling outnumbered. During this time, Maureen quickly realized how important diversity and mentorship would be in the growth and transformation of Eagle’s software and the evolving impact of women in the company—and worked to become instrumental in both. In fact, one of her earliest contributions became a foundational component to Eagle ACCESSSM, Eagle’s secure private cloud. And her efforts to mentor women at Eagle have mirrored and perhaps spurred the progress being made in the industry today.

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#MyFeminism: Reflecting on One Woman’s Journey at Eagle

Darcie James-Maxwell, Eagle’s Head of Canadian Operations, is participating on the CIBC Mellon WIN panel today celebrating International Women’s Day and the #PressforProgress.

Darcie James-Maxwell, Head of Canadian Operations

It is with great pride and gratitude that I am presented with the opportunity to be a part of International Women’s Day. As I reflect on my own career journey starting as an analyst, I am thankful for the women who paved the way for many of us to finally have a seat at the table. As a woman of color, I’ve had more than one obstacle to overcome as I pursued my passion for competence, credibility and leadership in the fintech industry.

Over the last year, women’s issues have been firmly in the spotlight. With companies across the world committing to closing the gender pay gap, it feels like we are closer than ever to achieving gender equality in the workplace and in our everyday lives. Movements fueled by women have inspired the women’s marches across North America while the #MeToo Movement has gripped social media, resulting in recognition and equality expansion. As a result, Canada has recently proposed an amendment that redefines its Labour Code to support women on equal footing in the workplace. Unfortunately, we still have a long road ahead of us. A quote from a recent report from the World Economic Forum states that gender parity is more than 200 years away. Therefore, the relevancy of this year’s theme for International Women’s Day – #PressforProgress – could not be any more appropriate.
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