User Adoption = Business Value

Jeremy Skaling, Managing Director, Head of Product Management

As a software provider, Eagle understands the correlation between business value and user adoption. The software procurement process can go smoothly, but if the users don’t adopt it, the business cannot realize the full value from its investment. The good news is that user adoption is not a random variable in the equation, but an outcome designed, in large part, by User Experience (UX) best practices that are backed by cognitive science.

uiThat’s right—basing software design on UX best practices will not only result in measurable usability improvements, it will also create a positive perception of usability before the user touches it. That means we can reasonably predict whether the user thinks the software in front of them will be relatively easy to learn AND will help them do their job. With these positive perceptions, they will reach for that mouse or keyboard and get to work. If they don’t, well…you have all read the change management books.

Eagle is investing in UX to help clients realize even better business value from our software. We have a UX team that has defined a new design framework, created and maintains the Eagle UX standards and icon library, and designs all the new screens and interactions across the suite. The investment extends from the UX team through almost all Eagle teams as we examine and adapt our existing work processes to migrate Eagle suite to the new experience using a new UI platform.

Everyone at Eagle is excited about our UX focus and confident that our investment will benefit our clients’ businesses!

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