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Live from Engage 2015: Investment Management in 2025

By Judy Wadness

We aren’t even through the first day of Engage 2015 and some key themes have already started to emerge. This morning, author and Singularity University founder Salim Ismail provided a thorough and compelling primer on Moore’s Law and the ways in which the exponential growth of computer-processing power is driving disruptive innovation across the business landscape. This afternoon, I moderated the panel “Investment Management in 2025,” which focused more specifically on the ways in which technology will re-shape the financial services industry over the next ten years.

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Software Implementations: Has Anything Really Changed in the Last 50 Years?

Judy Wadness, Head of Delivery, Global Professional Services (GPS), Eagle Investment Systems

This year sees the 50th anniversary of: the release of The Beatles’ first album, the first James Bond movie, Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, the launch of Pop Tarts, the introduction of ZIP codes and JFK’s assassination. On the technology front, we should also acknowledge the introduction of push button telephones and instant replays.  Read More…

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