Eagle Consultant and Analyst Briefing

Greg Farrington, US Sales Director

Last week we hosted a meeting to discuss our strategy and current industry trends with an audience of analysts and consultants. The meeting was very well attended with over 50 participants in the room and was interactive with a high level of engagement and participation from those in the audience.

The meeting focused on the challenges facing the industry, the technology solutions investment managers are looking for and how Eagle is responding to those demands. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of these have data management issues at their core and can be addressed by the data-centric model on which Eagle was founded. The data-centric approach is integrated in everything we do and is one that is only becoming more relevant when I look at the issues facing our clients.

There are a number of recurring themes we’ve seen from our clients this year and, while I won’t go into all of them, I wanted to share two areas where we’re seeing significant growth and explain how the data-centric approach needs to be at the heart of a successful solution.

Firms are increasingly looking to implement true Enterprise Data Management (EDM) programs and this was an area that provided the basis for a lot of discussion at the briefing. True EDM begins with having a complete and reliable data governance framework that formalizes accountability for data management across the organization, ensures the right people are involved in the process, develops a clear picture of the data environment and fosters the notion that data ownership comes with accountability.

The second major theme we’ve been seeing is from clients looking to develop an Investment Book of Record (IBOR). We’ve seen a spike in RFI and RFP activity from companies investigating an IBOR and we’ve helped several firms achieve this goal in the last 12 months. As we all know, the industry is focusing a lot of attention on IBOR with working and standards groups being established to define best practices, and numerous seminars and many column inches dedicated to the subject. There are a number of ways firms are looking to develop an IBOR from custom-built applications that stand alongside existing systems to shoe-horning IBORs into existing order management or accounting systems.

The IBOR, at its core, is a data management issue. Producing a successful IBOR that provides high-quality data and affords a granular level of detail to aid in decision-making in the front office, is best served by having a core trusted source or ‘one version of the truth.’ This is something Eagle’s data-centric approach enables and something we spent a fair amount of time discussing with consultants and analysts.

We are grateful to those who were able to join us at the briefing and we hope that it was a helpful dialogue in furthering the quality of service we offer to our joint client-base of global asset managers.

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