ENGAGE18: The Engagement Only Continues

With ENGAGE18 complete, Eagle’s Head of Americas and Chief Client Officer Diane McLoughlin shares the highlights from this year’s client conference

Diane McLoughlin, Head of Americas and Chief Client Officer

Many of our competitors define themselves as a “single solution.” This used to be a point of pride or at least a pithy marketing pitch. In practice, though, it has become clear today that no one single vendor is going to solve all of the challenges facing our industry.

According to research conducted by WatersTechnology and highlighted in the white paper, “The Age of Agile Solutions”, more than 40% of asset managers use ten or more systems, and the majority require at least seven systems to support their front-, middle- and back-offices. Given the pace of change and specialized capabilities required in today’s dynamic landscape, the thought of a closed, monolithic system probably conjures integration headaches.

In contrast to a single-vendor approach, ENGAGE18 represented a celebration of Eagle’s collaborative, client-driven approach. On full display was Eagle’s next-generation open platform as well as our expansive—and rapidly growing—ecosystem of vendor alliances. During our second day keynote presentation, we even announced a new collaboration with Microsoft to deliver a next-generation multi-tenant data management platform on the Azure public cloud. Our event attracted over 575 attendees, including nearly 400 client attendees, representing more than 100 unique organizations that traveled to Boca Raton from five different continents.

The theme of ENGAGE18, Transforming Tomorrow Together, rang true from start to finish. Attendees at our last client conference will recognize that this year’s event extends on our 2016 gathering when we first announced our digital platform transformation. This time around, it was about highlighting the significant milestones we have accomplished thus far, including: our 2017 software release; the growth of our global team and additions to provide 24/7 client coverage; and a live demo to show advancements on the development of a new cloud platform. These and the many other milestones are truly a testament to the collaborative relationships we have with our clients. This is why it’s so rewarding to share these developments in a social setting that fosters deeper dialogue and closer connections.

Through two general sessions, thirty-six breakout sessions, and three EngageTalk presentations, our programming was focused less on the drivers forcing change—we’re well aware of the challenges facing our industry—and more on the best practices and lessons learned by those who have already successfully navigated transformations. For this perspective we heard from clients, industry experts, and Eagle thought-leaders.

While a great deal of effort goes into producing ENGAGE, it is remarkable that we always exit the event with even more momentum and excitement around all that is ahead of us. And for those who couldn’t make it to our event this year, it bears repeating that ENGAGE only represents one small component of our client-centric approach. Impacting even spaces we work in, those in attendance this year got an early peek at our Wellesley, Massachusetts workspace redesign, which will be complete before the end of 2018. This new space has been carefully designed to facilitate an agile development model in addition to co-creation alongside our clients and alliance vendors.

As I often tell clients, their feedback and willingness to collaborate is essential to what we do, as well as our continuous improvement. Whether at ENGAGE, in visiting throughout the year, or simply in our everyday client interactions, we truly believe we all benefit from placing the client at the center of everything we do.

Believe it or not, we are actively discussing our next client events. Stay tuned for more information about Eagle’s upcoming technology summits and our next ENGAGE conference. On behalf of the entire Eagle organization, we look forward to continuing to engage with you.

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