ENGAGE18: The Momentum Behind Eagle’s Alliance Program

Joel Kornblum, after speaking at the ENGAGE18 client conference, highlights how the strategic alliance program extends upon Eagle’s core offering

Joel KornblumGlobal Head of Strategic Alliances & Consultant Relations

As part of his keynote address at ENGAGE18, Eagle’s CEO, Mal Cullen, touched upon the many benefits of Eagle’s platform strategy. One of the biggest advantages for clients is that while Eagle’s focus remains true to its core offerings of data management, investment accounting and performance measurement, our open ecosystem allows us to offer best-in-class solutions that extend far beyond our core capabilities.

In line with the philosophy of collaboration inherent to our platform model, Eagle has put considerable effort into building out our strategic alliance program, which now counts over 20 firms whose solutions and technology are readily available to Eagle clients.

In many ways, the goal of the program is not unlike the Star Alliance that frequent travelers are quite familiar with. Just as the Star Alliance facilitates a smooth transition for travelers navigating across geographies, Eagle’s alliance program was conceived to simplify the integration of third-party technologies and create joint solutions.

Our objectives for all third parties collaborating with Eagle fall into three general categories: add new business solutions, introduce new technologies or capabilities, and support our clients’ need for third-party consulting or analysis. Our alliance with Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions, for instance, created a solution to automate corporate action event and election processing directly into Eagle’s accounting platform. Our recent alliance with Arabesque, meanwhile, brings big data capabilities to asset managers seeking to incorporate ESG and SRI analysis into their investment strategies. And we are currently working on a solution with a 3rd party consulting organization to support and simplify our clients’ GIPS® audit needs as GIPS® 2020 is on the horizon.

Other recent efforts cover everything from SEC modernization requirements and evaluated pricing data to content creation and integrated marketing and client reporting capabilities.

Beyond simplifying integration for clients, these alliances create opportunities to collaborate with vendors and provide a greater solution set to global asset managers and investment institutions. Moreover, with Eagle’s focus on co-creation, the program brings together users, domain experts and deep engineering skillsets to continually innovate our shared offering and stay ahead of changing regulations and business trends.

The alliance program also helps ensure the larger network remains informed around new technologies and vendor capabilities. And we work closely with clients as well as current alliance vendors to continually identify emerging fintechs that can bring complementary products and skillsets to the larger platform.

While we have made significant progress in building out our alliance program, particularly over the past 12 months, from my perspective we’re just getting started. Our investment in APIs will only further facilitate our clients’ ability to plug into new technology and services. Facilitating an easier adoption of our latest software and services for our clients.

There are several themes that have emerged from ENGAGE18, but one overarching takeaway is that we’re committed to creating a comprehensive ecosystem of best-in-class capabilities. Our alliance program is an essential component of that.

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