Meet… Jeremy Skaling

jeremyEagle Investment Systems’ Managing Director, Global Head of Marketing, discusses his goals and objectives as well as why clients view Eagle as much more than just a software and services vendor.


Q: You were recently named Managing Director, Global Head of Marketing at Eagle. Can you discuss this position and what you aim to bring to the role?
I’ve been with Eagle for over 15 years now, with management roles in development, sales engineering and, most recently, as Head of Product Management. This experience provides a great backdrop as I take on these new responsibilities. At Eagle, we are focused on providing solutions to help our clients manage assets efficiently. As I take on this new role, I am excited to leverage my experience in development of communications that highlight Eagle’s differentiated solutions and client experience.

As a technology company within BNY Mellon Technology Solutions, there are many opportunities to leverage the vast resources and expertise of the larger BNY Mellon family. Eagle continues to focus on our core business of data management, investment accounting, and performance measurement and attribution solutions. We also want the market to understand the broader solutions we can offer in conjunction with BNY Mellon, such as managed services, middle-office solutions, and integration with third-party solutions. As we help our clients achieve business outcomes, such as expanding into new markets, offering new products, or managing business transformation, we want to make sure these success stories are communicated appropriately.

Q: How did your role as Head of Product Management prepare you for the Global Head of Marketing position?
As head of product management for Eagle, I had the opportunity to work with many of our clients to understand all of the different ways these organizations are leveraging our solutions. In that role, I would often speak with clients directly to understand what business needs they wanted to solve with Eagle and, additionally, all of the ways they wanted to extend Eagle to drive new efficiencies and capabilities across other areas of their business. I also spent time with clients sharing the future vision for our offering, collaborating with our users to ensure that enhancements to the Eagle solution suite could be leveraged to drive value within their particular business.

The experience I gained during the five years I spent in that role, in addition to my earlier experience in sales engineering and development, creates a great foundation. In my new role, I have the opportunity to merge my product management background with all of our marketing efforts to ensure our messaging reflects exactly how Eagle can help global financial institutions deliver the business outcomes they desire.

Q: What is in store for Eagle clients in 2016?
A: There are a number of things that we are excited to share with our clients this year. As I mentioned, Eagle’s role within BNY Mellon Technology Solutions allows us to leverage the larger BNY Mellon organization in order to expand and augment existing solutions. We also have several projects underway that will provide enhanced product solutions as well as enhanced analytics and efficiency opportunities. At Eagle, we’re always innovating within our core solutions, and this year we will introduce enhancements that continue to set Eagle apart in the industry.

There are many exciting initiatives and opportunities for clients to leverage the complete Eagle solution to help achieve business outcomes. We continue to work closely with our clients as we develop innovations with their business objectives in sharp focus. We are also consistently looking to identify opportunities for the broader Eagle and BNY Mellon platform that can provide comprehensive solutions.

We’re excited to share these initiatives and product innovations throughout the year, building up to our Engage 2016 conference. Eagle will be hosting our marquee event in Orlando, Florida during the second week of November this year. I’m excited to showcase the expertise we can offer and to help our clients and prospective clients find new ways to solve the business challenges that exist in the investment management industry today.

Q: Finally, what is your proudest accomplishment and why?
A: As it relates to business, it’s joining the Eagle management team early in my career. It has been a great opportunity for me to work within an organization that has grown rapidly and helped change the world of financial services. I had the chance to influence Eagle’s solutions, whether it was developing product strategy, working with product managers to develop product roadmaps, assisting with the build out of third parties within Eagle’s ecosystem, or working with a team of product managers to conceive and fine tune features that really differentiate our products. It was a great opportunity—one that I thoroughly enjoyed. And now I look forward to continuing to help Eagle expand our offering, further penetrate existing markets, and work with clients to deploy our innovative business solutions.

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