Going Mobile: Mobile Investment Data at Your Fingertips

Jeremy Skaling, Head of Product Management

If you find yourself glued to a smart phone or tablet, you are not alone. Last year, mobile data spending outpaced voice expenditures for the first time. If the general population is consuming most data via mobile devices, it’s naturally where individuals will gravitate to monitor investment data. In anticipation of this shift, we have made strides in bringing investment management software to your fingertips. Last year, we started working with MicroStrategy® Incorporated to integrate the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Platform™ with Eagle’s portfolio management solution. With this collaboration, Eagle clients will be able to access highly visual dashboards and portfolio data on the web, on mobile devices, or via Microsoft Office applications to perform portfolio analytics and in-depth risk and performance analyses.

Because of the complexity of an institutional application, a user interface that makes it easy for clients to connect data points is advantageous, and allows them to “interrogate the data.” A user should be able to point and swipe to discover trends and outliers in data. Older technology was limited in response time which explains a historical adoption rate of only 10-20%. However, network latency has dramatically decreased and technology has evolved to support sub-second response times with highly visual user interfaces, making it easier to visualize and consume data. We are now working with MicroStrategy to tap into their expertise and to train our team to take over the development effort and tailor MicroStrategy’s innovations to our clients’ needs. As always, client feedback is important to us in developing highly innovative solutions so we encourage you to discuss with us how you hope to leverage mobile technology within your firm.

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