Open Technology Standards to Accelerate Interoperability

Steve Taylor, Head of Technology and Architecture

As we become immersed in an era described as the “internet of things,” we are almost taking for granted something that for decades has continued to shackle data into siloes and stifle how data is used and adopted across the enterprise. The way we move information around the enterprise has gone from a ‘nice to have’ to vital to exist. It is this need for greater levels of interoperability that has created a shift in how we approach data integration. The technology landscape has changed significantly in recent years; open source is now the norm rather than the exception. We have seen the emergence of new standards and patterns that are accessible and available to larger numbers of users and applications. This has allowed information to move deeper and wider across firms driving up data quality and operational efficiency. One common challenge remains. How do I ensure interoperability between my commercial off-the-shelf, custom and legacy applications? A decade ago a standardized ETL function within a shared utility was the strategic direction followed, but all too often the projects overran, didn’t deliver or required costly “last mile” integration using point solutions and technologies. This was often due to the lack of standards or understanding of the business domain. Read More…

Eagle Gives Back to Local Communities In First Eagle Day of Service

John Lehner, President and CEO Eagle Investment Systems

Eagle Investment Systems LLC, a leading provider of financial services technology and a subsidiary of BNY Mellon, announced that it hosted its inaugural Eagle Day of Service, where more than 150 employees worked with local charities around New England. Eagle employees volunteered more than 500 hours of service on September 12 to help make an impact in the community by volunteering at a variety of local charities including:

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Software Implementations: Has Anything Really Changed in the Last 50 Years?

Judy Wadness, Head of Delivery, Global Professional Services (GPS), Eagle Investment Systems

This year sees the 50th anniversary of: the release of The Beatles’ first album, the first James Bond movie, Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, the launch of Pop Tarts, the introduction of ZIP codes and JFK’s assassination. On the technology front, we should also acknowledge the introduction of push button telephones and instant replays.  Read More…

The Future of Innovation is Now: 2013 Eagle Client Conference

John Lehner, President and CEO Eagle Investment Systems

Today we kick off our 2013 Eagle Client Conference in Boca Raton. The Eagle Client conference is Eagle’s marquee event and it is a forum that is crucial to our primary mission here at Eagle – exchanging ideas with our clients in order to ensure our solutions will help them to grow their assets efficiently. Discussions with clients at previous conferences have led to innovative new products and features. Read More…

OTC Derivatives Reform – Are you ready for centrally cleared swaps?

Brian Dunton, Head of Instrument Engineering, Eagle Investment Systems

One of our clients’ major preoccupations over the last six months has been the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act and their preparedness for it. We have had a number of inquiries from clients unsure of what they need to do to become compliant with its provisions and looking to us for guidance.

At Eagle we have been preparing for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act since its initial passage and ensuring we have solutions in place for the inevitable changes that would accompany its implementation. As such we have been perfectly placed to offer guidance and advice on best practices to ensure compliance. We have paid particularly close attention to Title VII, also known as the Wall Street Transparency and Accountability Act of 2010, which provides the overall framework for the regulation of swaps and other derivatives. Read More…

The Investment Book of Record (IBOR)

Mal Cullen, Head of the Americas and Eagle ACCESS℠

As the investment management landscape has become more complicated and sophisticated, the need for the front-office to have access to timely and accurate data has become increasingly important. This has led to a resurgence of interest in technology that can produce an Investment Book of Record (IBOR); a set of investment data that is maintained with the primary purpose of supplying timely and accurate data to the front office of an investment manager to support the investment decision process. Read More…

Sovereign Wealth Funds Make Increasing Use of Enterprise Technology

John Legrand, Managing Director, Head of EMEA/APAC, Eagle Investment Systems

In my position, I am fortunate to have a view across many markets within the EMEA and APAC regions. This affords me great insight into how the investment landscape varies between geographies. A trend I have seen over the past three years in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East markets is an increased interest in our products coming from sovereign wealth funds, central banks and other publicly managed money pools (e.g. pension funds). Read More…

A Commitment to Community: Eagle’s First Ever Day of Service

John Lehner, President and CEO Eagle Investment Systems

Today, over 140 Eagle employees from Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut will participate in Eagle’s first ever Day of Service. I am proud to be a part of an organization where such a large number of employees have committed their time to helping others and I am even more delighted to share that the genesis of this day came from our own employees voicing a desire to give back to the community in the aftermath of recent tragic events in Boston and Connecticut and in remembrance of September 11. Read More…

Upgrade Portfolio Management by Managing Multi-source Data

Joel Kornblum, Managing Director, Regional Sales Director

Do you have a variety of front-office users with different business needs? Do you struggle to support those needs because you are managing multiple sources of data? The process by which your portfolios are reported is often as diverse as the end-users of this information and likely includes data fed from a myriad of vendors. There is no best single source for all your investment data and many portfolio managers are hindered by system limitations due to how data is structured and stored.

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