Spotlight on Engage – Locking in on IBOR’s Moving Target

Paul McInnis, Director of Product Strategy, Data Management, Eagle Investment Systems

The concept of an Investment Book of Record, or an IBOR, has been around for years, as Eagle has been offering IBOR solutions as part of our Data Management platform for over a decade now. More recently, however, we have witnessed a renewed buzz around the concept, which has created some unwanted side effects. While this added attention has motivated investment firms to explore how an IBOR might apply to their business, the very definition of what an IBOR is has become convoluted. Ironically, this industry buzz has led to more confusion and less understanding around the acute business needs that demand an IBOR solution.

In its simplest terms, an IBOR provides a transactional view of a firm’s investment activity across geographies and asset classes. For most global asset managers, it’s not uncommon to employ multiple trading systems or rely on a host of third parties to manage assets across multiple product categories. An IBOR not only integrates and consolidates this data, but can deliver the granularity and detail needed to effectively meet real-time needs, such as inventory management and investable cash, as well as provide support for business intelligence tools.

When it’s built around a data-centric approach, an IBOR delivers one truth to be consumed across the organization. Data is validated and enriched to fulfill business functions that extend far beyond just start-of-day investment positions, utilizing security master data, pricing and reference data and analytics, while offering look-through capabilities and the ability to easily create new cuts of the data as needed. A robust, data-centric IBOR can be leveraged across the organization to enable risk management, performance attribution, exposure reporting, and compliance monitoring. Perhaps most important, a data-centric IBOR instills confidence, making data both reliable and actionable to inform front office decision making.

engage2015Paul McInnis, Product Manager – Enterprise Data Management, Eagle Investment Systems, will be hosting a panel discussion at ENGAGE 2015, Eagle’s client conference being held March 29 to April 1 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Included on the panel, “The Quest for IBOR,” are:

  • Cindy Klimke Armotoski, Chief Operational Officer, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
  • Michael Capuzzi, SVP, Investment Operations, Delaware Investment Advisors
  • Sylvain Chaput, ing. PMP, Intact Investment Management
  • Fabian Gomez, Head of Equity Investment Applications, Invesco

To learn more about this and other topics, please visit ENGAGE 2015.


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