Stay Ahead of the Security Curve

Mal Cullen, Head of the Americas and Eagle ACCESS℠

The rise of cloud computing adoption in the financial services industry has caused a shift in the risks that investment managers must manage. These risks are quickly evolving and difficult to keep abreast of without specialized staff. At Eagle, we realized that it’s no longer enough for us to align with our clients as financial services and software specialists; we must also be information security and risk specialists. Investment managers often focus on cost-efficiency and streamlined processes when assessing their cloud providers, but security and risk management should be stressed equally. It came as no surprise to us that in a recent Eagle client survey, more than 75% of asset managers plan to increase risk management expenditures over the next 1-2 years.

Over the past year we have made significant strides in ensuring that our security practices are as innovative as our software solutions. We were pleased to announce this spring that we were granted Authority to Operate (ATO) under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). In order to obtain ATO, we were required to meet a stringent set of criteria laid out by FISMA beginning in December 2011.

This latest accreditation is one step in a series of investments that we have undertaken to ensure the highest level of security for the data we manage. Security management requires constant vigilance, and just as surely as external threats will adapt to new technologies, we must be willing to change ours. In addition to upgrading our security solutions, over the past year, Eagle has more than doubled security staffing and has plans to further expand its team in 2013. It is this continuing investment in people, process and technology that sets us and our clients’ risk controls apart.

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