The Superannuation Funds Insourcing Equation

Marc Rubenfeld, CIPM, Head of Eagle Solutions for Europe, Middle East, and Asia-Pacific

Eagle Investment System’s Marc Rubenfeld, in an article published in Australia’s Financial Standard, explores the growing trend of superannuation funds building in-house investment teams to assume greater control and deliver greater cost efficiencies to their members. The article, “The Superannuation Funds Insourcing Equation”, highlights the technological considerations that need to be addressed and the capabilities needed to support the insourcing of asset management.

With two-thirds of Australia’s superannuation funds planning to bring asset management in-house in the next 10 years, Rubenfeld explores some of the reasons behind this growing trend including cost reduction, an increase in fund sizes and the desire for funds to get closer to their assets. He writes that “if institutions overlook the technological demands, the desired efficiencies, cost savings and member benefits will quickly be lost in transition”.

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