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Financial Technology for Sovereign Wealth Funds

John Legrand, Managing Director, Head of EMEA/APAC, Eagle Investment Systems

Eagle recently attended the Superannuation Symposium in Brisbane, Australia, where our Head of Global Solutions, Marc Rubenfield, CIPM, hosted a panel on asset allocation strategies for institutional investors.

The event attracted not only pension fund managers and administrators, but also a large number of delegates from sovereign wealth funds in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

We find our paths are increasingly crossing with sovereign wealth funds. This may not come as a huge surprise when you consider their growing investment clout. Last year the pool of capital accounted for by sovereign wealth funds grew by more than $750 billion to reach $5.38 trillion, according to data provider Preqin, which conducts an annual analysis of the sovereign wealth fund market. This was the largest annual increase since Preqin started its report in 2008. However, the increase in AuM alone does not explain their increasing interest in our solutions and there are a number of other reasons at play. I recently wrote an article looking at some of the drivers explaining their demand for data management. You can read the full article here. Read More…

Sovereign Wealth Funds Make Increasing Use of Enterprise Technology

John Legrand, Managing Director, Head of EMEA/APAC, Eagle Investment Systems

In my position, I am fortunate to have a view across many markets within the EMEA and APAC regions. This affords me great insight into how the investment landscape varies between geographies. A trend I have seen over the past three years in the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East markets is an increased interest in our products coming from sovereign wealth funds, central banks and other publicly managed money pools (e.g. pension funds). Read More…

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